Amber Higgins

Amber Higgins grew up in West Virginia with her mother and sisters in an unstable household. From the ages of 8 to 13, she would be abused countless times by her best friend’s father. When she reported this abuse, her claims were not taken seriously by law enforcement or her mother.

It wasn’t until Amber was 18 that she would find the courage to come forward again to report her abuser. Thanks to WV State Trooper Horne, she was heard and believed.

Amber faced her abuser alone in a park wearing a wire and hidden camera in hopes of capturing a confession. She did, and thanks to that recording and her testimony, her abuser was sent away for the remainder of his life.

Today Amber is a presenter with the SHIELD Task Force. She has told her story to thousands of school-aged youth and been a key resource for the many survivors who have disclosed abuse at SHIELD events. 

Amber has also taken a leadership role in SHIELD’s efforts to mobilize support for victims of abuse — including the imminent launch of Survivor Tribe, a secure online platform providing hope, help, and community to survivors.