Kathleen Guire

Kathleen married Jerry Guire in 1985. Early in their marriage, they purposed to adopt. After three biological children, God began to tug on Kathleen’s heart and remind her of that vision. In 1998, Kathleen and Jerry were chosen as National Parents of the Year and celebrated in a reception at the nation’s capital. Shortly after receiving the award, Kathleen and Jerry began the adoption process. The Guire family traveled to Poland in November of 1999 to adopt a sibling group of four. The new Guires came home in February of 2000.

Kathleen has spent the past several decades homeschooling, co-founding a homeschooling co-op, and teaching women’s Bible studies. She has also spent the last several years leading an adoption support group, “Positive Adoption.” The support group is named after Kathleen’s first book Positive Adoption: A Memoir, which intertwines her childhood story with the adoption of her children. She has also written Five Things: A Tiny Handbook for Adoptive/Foster Families, Defining Home, Defining Family, and 25 Days of Thriving Through Christmas: An Advent Devotional.

Kathleen is a certified Empowered to Connect Parent Trainer, a program that relies heavily on the TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention) model created by Dr. Karyn Purvis and her colleagues at TCU.

You can find more about Kathleen — including over five hundred articles she has written about adoption, home, house and family — at https://thewholehouse.org.